Main strategic goals in safety and labor protection of “Maker” LLP – zero tolerance to fatality, minimization of incidents, occupational diseases, fires and technological accidents. We improve the valid system of labor protection and industrial safety. We adopted Near Miss programs (high potential event), and due to this register all the events of violation of technological regulations, thus forecasting the possibility of risk events. With the aim of prevention of incidents, microtraumas are traced in the enterprise. At frequent appearance of similar microtraumas, the preventive measures are taken to eliminate their trigger. Step by step we move to creation of high labor safety culture, based upon the loyalty and leadership of managers of all levels, reasonable and fair relation to safety issues for all the employees.


Key processes of “Maker” LLP, providing the ecological safety and environmental protection:

  • Identification of legislative, license and corporate requirements;
  • Verification of sources of negative impact and estimation of ecological impact;
  • Risk management in the sphere of ecological safety;
  • Emissions management, wastes management, land protection;
  • Ecological monitoring and industrial ecological control;
  • Management of contracting companies in the sphere of compliance with corporate requirement for ecological safety;
  • Management of corporate and statistic reporting in ecological safety;
  • Analysis of activity for provision of ecological safety.
  • Events on environmental monitoring (condition of air, sewage, ground water and soil in the border of sanitary protection zone, activity in production and consumption wastes management);
  • Plan of technical measures for environmental protection (modernization of equipment with the aim to decrease the negative impact on the environment);
  • Targeted ecological programs (investment projects) for elimination of negative impact on the environment;
  • Normative and methodological documents in environmental protection.



  • According to the Charter of the enterprise, one of the types of activity is «training, re-training and qualification improvement for managers, specialists, workers in the sphere of industrial safety and labor protection»;
  • On September 7, 2017, the Permission is received for execution of works in industrial safety for metallurgical, mining, engineering, light industry, including the objects of cargo lifting, boiler rooms and tanks under pressure for the following types of activity: training, retraining of specialists, workers in the sphere of industrial safety; development of declarations of industrial safety for hazardous industrial object.


Targets in occupational medicine

  • Health improvement for workers in control risk group for development of occupational diseases;
  • Therapeutic resort for health improvement of workers under the harmful labor conditions;
  • On-job assigned therapy;
  • Management of paramedics;
  • Measuring of blood pressure among workers in risk group for heart diseases.

Targets in fire safety, civil protection and emergencies

  • Equipping of departments with system of automatic fire safety and automatic fire extinguishing;
  • Annual competitions in fire safety;
  • Anti-emergency training and test alerts.