Karaganda casting and engineering plant counts more than 80 years of history, and it is closely connected with the history of appearance and development of Karaganda city.

“Maker” LLP — the enterprise, included into «Kazakhmys Holding» LLP, performs manufacture and repairmen of mining equipment, equipment for mining concentration complexes, copper plants, transport equipment and spare parts for them. The nomenclature of manufactured products includes skips, cranes, underground buses, carriages, flotation machines, conveyors, etc.

Company nomenclature counts more than four thousand of items.

“Maker” LLP:

  • Participated and won in regional competition-exhibition «Best Goods of Kazakhstan»;
  • Won the award «ALTYN SAPA» — 2021 in nomination of «Best industrial enterprise»;
  • Participated in the exhibition of Engineering union of Kazakhstan.

Under the results of competition of professional skills among turners, electric gas welders and millers of companies included into “Kazakhmys” group, 8 employees of «Maker» LLP were awarded with letters of appreciation and monetary prizes from General operational director of «Kazakhmys Holding» LLP.

Except professional activity, collective of “Maker” LLP actively participates in social, cultural, sports and recreational life, holiday and honorable events, sports competitions.

To increase the prestige of high-qualified labor of working professions, propaganda of their achievements and innovative experience, organizes the competitions of professional skills.

Annual competitions are carried out devoted to Day of safety and labor protection.

“Maker” LLP holds the certificate for Quality Management System meeting the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2015 and national standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan СТ РК ISO 9001-2016 (please find certificates attached). In 2019 “Maker” LLP successful passed the annual inspection audit and confirmed the compliance with denoted standards.

To confirm the status of native manufacturer and definition of share of local content in manufactured product, “Maker” LLP obtains certificates of origin under СТ KZ form. Certificates cover more than 80% of annual nomenclature of products manufactured by “Maker” LLP, including the exclusive products.

The ready products are accompanied with exploitation documents of manufacturer: passports, user guides, packing lists, as well as test methods, assembly instructions, commissioning of goods in the place of exploitation, if necessary.

Since April 2022, we started works on adoption of international standard ISO 45001:2018 (СТ РК ISO 45001-2019) «Management system for labor safety and health protection. Requirements and user guide».

“Maker” LLP successfully passed certification audit on September 14-15. International certification body SISTEMA Certifications and Inspections issued the certificate No.SISTEMA/0922/KAZ-MAO09262

New standard ISO 45001 allows the following advantages:

    • Increase of organization stability due to innovations, risks prevention and constant improvement;
    • Improvement of compliance with normative and legal acts at simultaneous decrease of commercial losses;
    • Demonstration of brand responsibility for loyalty to safe, healthy and sustainable work;
    • Unique global system of health and safety for all the enterprises of any size.

“Maker” LLP has calibration and testing laboratories. Calibration laboratory is duly accredited, the accreditation certificate is issued.

Use of modern equipment, new materials, results of scientific and research works and different approaches to design allows significant increase of quality of manufactured products and expand its nomenclature as well. During 2019 the plant was collaborating with «Elektrovoz Kurastyru Zauyty» (Astana city) and ALSTOM Transport (France) in development of joints of cargo and passengers electric locomotives. “Maker” LLP manufactures the equipment for different branches of the industry. The goods produces by the enterprise have proven themselves as reliable and trustworthy long time ago.

Quality control department

Function 1: Prevention of production (delivery) of goods out of requirements of standards and technical conditions, design and technological documents, exclusion of possibility to deliver the goods of low quality to consumers. Function 2: Defect analysis of the equipment came to maintenance. Function 3: Passporting of manufactured products. Function 4: Incoming control of raw materials, semi-ready products, accessories and tools, designed for main production, control of their compliance with set requirements at the transfer from warehouse to production facilities and from one shop to another, operational control, acceptance control of ready products and other control operations, described in technological process.

Certificates and licenses

Company policy